Dr. Joe DeBruin is a clinical and forensic psychologist, life coach, blogger, and author. Joe maintains a busy coaching (online) and therapy practice on the central coast of California providing cognitive behavioral therapy along with encouragement and inspiration coaching. Joe has provided over 25,000 therapy and coaching sessions starting in 1993.

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Clinical Practice

"The first thing in all progress is to leave something behind.
George MacDonald, writer"

Therapy is more than a cold, mechanical treatment process. It is a warm, genuine, caring interpersonal relationship based on objectivity and professionalism with the goal of rich transformation. People come to me with their confusion, insecurity, sadness, loss, anxiety, and struggles. They usually discover these things are not treated or sanitized - they are redeemed and traded upwards.


"Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.
Allen Saunders, writer and journalist"

Elvis had it right when he sang, “You’ll Never Walk Alone”. Thankfully we don’t have to travel solo. Everyone can learn, grow, and improve. But all of us need a support team. And every team has that coach you revere - the coach that kicks your a** and gives you enormous practical help and makes you believe. And in belief you discover who you were meant to be. Come believe alongside me.


"After seeing thousands of patients in psychotherapy I am convinced that there is nothing more healing than being exposed to someone with a total commitment to being genuine and real."


Nothing Left Unsaid is a memoir beautifully told in letters, revealing what it is like to have lived a life rich in authenticity and vulnerability. I decided to write this 50,000-word book as a collection of forty-seven letters written to all the instrumental people in my life. I wanted to provide inspiration to mentors, those seeking mentors, and anyone connected to the process of adoption.


"I can become a person for whom ‘looking out for number one’ is not the framework of my life.
Dallas Willard, philosopher"

Ever listen multiple times to a public speaker and feel the sad sense of disconnect from being on the receiving end of what feels like is a charade of all knowing and highly impersonal blather. I aim to have any talk I give to an audience occur on a platform of authenticity, vulnerability, and humor. I want to win you over not just by technical content but by me. And win you over to what? Greater appreciation for the complexity and nuance of the topic at hand. As evidenced by you having many new questions.

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"I could write a book about the importance of vulnerability or I can write a book that demonstrates it."

Bear Pascoe

Bear Pascoe NFL Tightend retired, 2012 New York Giants Super Bowl Champions; Professional Rodeo Cowboy - steer wrestler

It is said that the best gift you can give someone is your time. Dr. Joe DeBruin has done just that with his book Nothing left Unsaid. He takes a very honest and straight forward look at the art of being a mentor. Nothing Left Unsaid will get you to take a look at your own life and the mentors and coaches that have made an impact on you.

Dr. Corey Allan

Dr. Corey Allan Host of weekly podcast Sexy Marriage Radio and author of Naked Marriage

Nothing Left Unsaid is a thoughtful, moving journey through life. It will help you recognize the important people and moments that create a deep and meaningful journey through family, relationships and careers. Do yourself a favor and read this book, then follow Joe's lead and write your version of this book for those who have impacted and shaped your life's journey.

Dr. John Thoburn

Dr. John Thoburn Professor Emeritus of Clinical Psychology at Seattle Pacific University

Waters and Lawrence said, ‘too often we map our client’s prison, but not their escape’. Dr. Joe DeBruin has written a book that lays bare the soul of a wounded healer; offering, by example, a road map for escape from pain and suffering. Read this transformative book and consult it as you navigate your own journey to healing and health.

 Justin Narducci

Justin Narducci President/CEO, CURE International

Fascinating. Deep. Inspiring. Readers of Nothing Left Unsaid will walk away with a newfound desire to reflect on life's most important relationships. My prayer is that many of us would emulate Joe's model - picking up a pen and sharing what is on our heart before we miss our chance.