Coaching with Joe

Coaching with Joe

"But we can change our worldviews. We can expand and revise. If we can muster the courage. Pruning is what mature people do. "

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For those that wish to set up coaching calls with Joe, please refer to the questions alongside. Joe is available as a mentor for personal growth, career development, spiritual direction, and dream inspiration.

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What to expect?

  • What is the difference between coaching and therapy?

    Therapy is often a long-term treatment process aimed at facilitating healing/change regarding trauma or various kinds of pathology (psychological disorders). Coaching is a professional relationship that tends to be more short-term and is oriented around facilitating and supporting personal and/or professional growth.

    Therapy is diagnosis-based and is aimed at helping you solve personal flaws, problems, and deficits. Coaching is meant to help a person clarify goals, identify obstacles, and create action plans.

    Therapy is provided by a licensed healthcare professional. Coaching doesn’t require a license.

    Therapy usually involves utilization of a patient’s healthcare insurance and partial payments from the patient. Coaching only requires direct payment from the client.

  • Are there specific issues that you don’t deal with in your coaching practice?
    Addiction, focus on pathology or trauma.
  • Describe Joe’s ideal coaching client?
    A goal-oriented individual who wants help to get where they wish to be. A person solid enough to be okay with being pushed and prodded in the context of a caring and supportive relationship. A potential lifelong learner needing help with work-life balance, lifestyle modification, communication skills, financial independence/security, business planning, career plans, and personal or professional goals.
  • What are the actual components of Joe’s coaching?
    Listening, teaching, reframing, alternative perspective making, strength assessment, challenge, self disclosure, encouragement, humor, stories, metaphors, referral to external resources (books, podcasts, music, movies), utilization of resources (assignments, tools), and accountability.
  • Does Joe offer coaching online?
    Yes, via Zoom, Facetime, or WhatsApp.
  • How does Payment occur for coaching?
    Via Paypal, Venmo or by Credit/Debit card through the payment form on this website which can here found HERE.