"No one quits their gym membership because they are buff! There is always more inside of us to explore, manage, and share as sources of hope and love for others."

01 March

Broken People

There was once an innocent time in my life when I believed there were people in the world who were so psychologically and spiritually healthy they were almost perfect. Then I began a career providing many thousands of hours of therapy to many hundreds of high functioning, educated, professional people. I discovered we are all broken. Various wounds, mistakes, deficits, and distorted beliefs. Everyone. And this is within the high functioning group! The more I work with people concerning the deepest and vulnerable parts of their life the more I have compassion and reduced judgment.

Extremely Important Question

What heals? Does success or money heal? Does social status or a beautiful face heal? How about a giant house, maybe it takes two houses? Education heal? Travel or nonstop fun? If we don’t know what heals we are forever held hostage to the outcomes of our own wounds and disappointments. It may be one of the most important questions of our life.

Listen to the following song. It will hopefully soothe you and give you perspective.

Freebie thought for the road: Our brokenness is not something that can be fully erased but is something that can be managed and utilized to build a better life.

Joe DeBruin